Programme 2016

Rampton Spinners Programme 2016

16th. January

The Long and the Short of it: from long draw to short forward draw - and as many points in between as time permits. Bring your hand cards and wool combs - Sarah

5th. March

Button making – Nela
Colour blending with hand cards - Sarah

7th. May

Dying workshop using synthetic dyes – Veronica/ Sue

9th. July

Spinning cotton - Sarah
Open for suggestions?

3rd. September

Silk spinning workshop – to be confirmed.

5th. November
Bring and share. Bring along pieces of work you have made and share with the group what it entailed to produce the finished article. We have some new members who have asked the question “what do you do with your spun stuff?” We have some old ones who would like to know also........

3rd. December.
Christmas lunch: bring and share. Bring a plate of food + plate, fork, knife and spoon.
P& M woolcraft will also be coming along with lots of lovely things for us to buy.

A big welcome to all our new members. We hope you will spend many happy hours spinning with us.

We hope we have put together a programme which you will find varied and interesting.
We have a space open in the programme to fill or not as the case maybe. If anyone has something they would like to share with the group, please let us know.

This last year we have been very fortunate to have Sarah Wroot available during the day to instruct and help those of us who would like to try something new; to enable us to take our skills on a further level. This has been very successful and hopefully we can continue with this.

We have completed our banner. Thank you to all who participated in this project. We have decided not to set a project this year. It is quite difficult to decide on what to do. We really would welcome ideas from everyone.

Fees: Fees remain the same. £15 for the year,  £3 for the day.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are free. All we ask is that you wash up after yourself and make sure the kettles are filled.
Finally we would appreciate help putting away chairs and tidying up at the end of the session.

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